Foxton Locks

It would be silly not to mention our namesake as the first local attraction in this blog. I am sure if you have visited Foxton Locks Lodges you would have made the trip to see the famous Foxton Locks.

Foxton Locks is a short 15-minute walk from the lodges along the beautiful tow-path on the Grand Union Canal. Once you reach the locks you will come across plenty of narrow boats, some holiday makers and some full time residents. There is something very special about a narrow boat, it almost takes you back to your childhood. Many are decked out with flowers, ornaments and the odd friendly dog. Everyone is very welcoming and you can’t walk past without a friendly hello coming your way.

Pubs at the Locks

Once you have navigated the boats and made your way over either the swing footbridge or the fabulous brick Bridge 61 you find yourself at the bottom of the locks. Here, there is a small shop selling ice-creams, souviners and a few essentials for the boaters passing by. There is also an enchanting pub called Bridge 61 (after the bridge obviously!. The interior of this pub has not been changed in years which make it even more special. In the winter there is a roaring fire and more often than not some locals singing a song or two. Here they serve real ales, wines, softdrinks and bar snacks at breakfast and lunch. This is the perfect place to soak up the coming and goings along the canal.

Once you have crossed to the other side of the canal you will find Foxton Locks Inn. This is a very popular pub/restaurant serving food all day. They have a lovely garden overlooking the canal where you can feed the ducks and watch the world pass you by. Next door to this in the old boathouse they have opened G&Tea – here you can have afternoon tea, with a twist….gin!

Culture at Foxton Locks

There are over 4000 boats that pass through the locks every year making it the most visited place on the Grand Union Canal. This iconic destination has two major feats of engineering. The longest steepest staircase of locks in the UK but it also has the remains of an incline plane (there is a museum to explain this rather strange contraption!), which is a magnificent piece of Victorian engineering. There is a discovery trail that takes you on an adventure all around the locks, explaining all the features as you get to them. Every time I bring people to see the locks they are absolutely fascinated with watching boats going up and down, it really does need to be seen if you are coming to stay with us. During the summer months there are lots of children activities being organised by the trust which will guarantee to keep them entertained.

You can also hire day boats from Foxton Locks, which you can hire for the whole day for up to 12 people, unfortunately you are not allowed up the locks in them, but it is a fun and relaxing way to see the local countryside.

I have been visiting the locks my whole life and I still keep finding new areas and finding out new bits of information. Please do go and visit, even if it is just to have an ice-cream and a drink of some sort.