Laura Turney welcomes you to Foxton Locks Lodges

Westleigh Farm has been in the Turney family since 1957 and is currently run by myself and my mother Bridget Turney.  I worked in London for six years as a Chartered Surveyor and moved back in August 2011. Having grown up on the farm, I love the countryside and was always escaping London to get back to my country roots. I noticed a gap in the market for UK-based country escapes, especially in the Midlands area. Which is how the idea of Foxton Locks Lodges was born. My Mother Bridget lives just a five minute walk from the lodges and I am there everyday in the office with Wispa and Bacchus the chocolate cocker spaniels. Until recently, we’ve always run the farm as an arable holding. Westleigh stretches across 1,100 acres of rolling Leicestershire countryside where we grow a mixture of wheat, barley, rape and winter beans. In the summer months you can catch glimpses of the farmers working hard to bring in the harvest. We also house a small herd of cattle on the farm on behalf of the local dairy farmer.

In the 80s we planted two small copses of deciduous trees and conifers and these woods now form a thriving natural habitat for all sorts of flora and fauna. There’s also a variety of ponds across the farm that are part of our ongoing conservation. During your stay at Foxton Locks Lodges you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of numerous wildlife, including rabbits, hares, foxes, pheasants and, if you’re lucky, the odd muntjac deer, kingfisher and woodpecker. We’re also home to the very rare white squirrel, which has been spotted numerous times on the farm. This white squirrel is one of only 25 in the whole of the UK so keep your eyes peeled! We all look forward to welcoming you as guests at Foxton Locks Lodges soon.